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Me, Myself, and…us? – Week Two

Week two of the “Me, myself, and…us?” message series dives into issues of commitment – those that the Apostles struggled with, and the ones we struggle with – and gives consideration to the fact that God created the world with a natural way for us to divide up our time and focus on what’s most important.

Me, Myself, and…us? – Week One

The first week of our new message series, “Me, Myself, and…us?”, begins by looking at relationship in scripture and in our own lives. We were made for relationship. Is this time of isolation taking a toll on you? You’re not alone, for this is not how God made you to be!

Possible – Week Five

The conclusion of the “Possible” message series. What are your beliefs about heaven? Do you ever really think about it?

Possible – Week Four

The fourth instalment of our “Possible” message series. On the Fourth Sunday of Easter, also known as Good Shepherd Sunday, we explore the role of those in our lives who guide us, especially the one who ultimately guides us on the right path.

Possible – Week Three

Week three of our Possible message series dives from faith into hope, exploring the relationship between the two. Some of the early disciples placed their hope in improper places… Where do your hopes lie?

Possible – Week Two

Week two of the “Possible” homily series. Do you have big questions about God in these challenging times? So did St Thomas the Apostle. (Video stutters for the first couple of minutes, audio is fine)

Possible – Week One

The first of a five-week series exploring faith, hope, and the historical evidence for the existence of Jesus’ resurrection. Join us next weekend for the second week of the Possible homily series.
Detail from painting of the kiss of Judas

Two Deaths

The gospel story of our Lord’s passion contains embedded within it the story of a second death — the death of Judas. Video of Fr. John’s message from our Palm Sunday live stream.

Steadfast love

Audio of Fr. John’s Message from March 29th – 5th Sunday of Lent. Please note: Better audio than on live stream.
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Seeing CLEARLY in uncertain times

No Sunday live stream until next week, but here is this week’s Sunday message. You can’t see the inside of the Church this week but you can hear it. I recorded this from where Fr. Andrew and I usually preach with the sound system turned on so you hear what the technical folks might call “room sound”. (We’ll be back with the videos of the weekday liturgy of the word and reflection on Tuesday).

Coronavirus: Fear, Optimism, Or Hope?

Fr. John’s homily from March 15 (third Sunday of Lent) considers how Christians might best respond to the uncertainties and worries the come with the coronavirus pandemic.

Coming Attraction

Father John’s message for March 8th, 2020 (2nd Sunday of Lent)