Celebration of the Sacraments


In order to celebrate Sacraments of Christian Initiation or Marriage in our community, you must be a registered member of St. Pius X Parish. Registration forms are available at the entrance of the church and at the parish office.


The Baptism of Children is celebrated at least once a month on Sunday at 12:30 p.m. A meeting with one of the parish priests is required before any dates may be set. Call the office to arrange for a meeting time. Regular Mass attendance and a Saturday morning information session are required for adequate preparation. Baptisms are not celebrated during Lent.

Children seven years and older are prepared more extensively to celebrate Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion at the same time. These celebrations take place once a year during the Easter Season. Please call the parish office early in the school year to begin this preparation.

Adults seeking Baptism also receive the three sacraments of initiation together after an extensive period of preparation and regular Mass attendance. Please call the parish office for an appointment.

Adults who have been baptized in other Christian traditions and are considering entering into the Full Communion of the Catholic Church are considered on an individual basis. Call the parish office to arrange a meeting with one of the priests to determine the preparation suitable for you.


Children are customarily prepared to receive Communion for the first time in grade 2. Through a program of simple home study, church activities and regular participation at Sunday Mass, children are prepared to make their First Communion at one of the regular weekend Masses during April and May. Approximately 12 children and their families will be scheduled to celebrate at these Masses. Watch the bulletin and be sure to attend the Information evening in January.


Young people may be prepared to celebrate Confirmation in grade seven, although children in later grades are also welcome. Through five weekly sessions, homework assignments and regular participation at Sunday Mass, young people are prepared for Confirmation. Watch the bulletin and be sure to attend the Information Meeting in the fall.


The sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) is celebrated in the church every Saturday from 4 to 4:30 pm and at other times by appointment. Communal celebrations take place in Advent and Lent each year.

Any Catholic who is presently registered in our parish and is free to marry may be married in St. Pius X Church. Couples should call the parish office for a meeting with one of the priests before making any other wedding arrangements. A minimum of 8 months preparation, which includes a Marriage Preparation Course, is required for all couples wishing to be married in Hamilton Diocese. Couples who have been married outside the Catholic Church are encouraged to call the parish office for an appointment with one of the priests to discuss the necessary steps to have their marriage recognized and blessed in the Catholic Church.


Individuals wishing to explore a vocation to the priesthood, permanent diaconate or to the religious life are encouraged to speak to a member of the parish staff or contact www.vocationinfo.ca


Members of our parish routinely bring Holy Communion to those members of our parish who are in hospital or at home and are unable to be present for Sunday Mass for reasons of health. For assistance, contact the coordinator of our ministry of compassion.


Anointing of the sick in home or hospital can be arranged by calling the parish office. Whenever possible, please call before any situation becomes critical. A Catholic priest is always ‘on call’ for the Brantford General Hospital for emergencies. The sacrament is routinely celebrated in the retirement facilities and nursing homes within our parish. A communal celebration takes place at all of the weekend Masses once a year.


It is the privilege of Catholics to be buried from their parish church, customarily within the context of the Mass. Funeral directors in Brantford will be happy to assist with these arrangements. Call the parish office as soon as possible to discuss dates and times before making any announcements. Our Catholic cemeteries are St. Joseph’s and Holy Cross. They can be contacted at 519-752-5525.

Last updated September 1, 2012
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