Building Hope in Africa - Phase 4
Nyalieng’a Orphan Outreach Centre

In January of 2009, Sister Sheila Fortune completed her ministry in Mbala. The residence for 24 children at the Chileshe Chipela School for Disabled Children in Kasama was completed in December 2008. Following a meeting with Sister Sheila in January of this year, it was decided not to embark on any new projects in the Diocese of Kasama at this time.

Upon the recommendation of the Parish Council, we have sought out another mission project in Africa. Msgr. Kroetsch met with Sister Julie Latner, a School Sister of Notre Dame, who is now working in Kenya. Subsequently, a meeting took place with Sister Mary Kerber, who is the District Leader for the sisters in Africa. As a result of these conversations, we have agreed to support a new mission project in Nyalieng’a, in the Diocese of Homa Bay, Kenya.

We are supporting the work of two sisters who are developing an Orphan Outreach Centre to assist the people in orphan households which are found in the 34 villages located in the Nyalieng’a parish. Orphan led households are those in which orphans are cared for by older siblings or live with grandparents who are unable to provide for them. In some cases children are living with one parent who is too sick to care for them.

The sisters advised us that their most urgent need is for a motorcycle and a four-wheel drive vehicle to get to these villages to assess the needs. As a parish, we have committed ourselves this year to raise sufficient funds to purchase these items. As a result of everyone’s generosity, we were able to send $15,000 to Africa in May of this year. We hope to send an additional $10,000 before the end of this calendar year.

We will continue to be in conversation with the sisters as they identify their future needs and how we can assist them both with our prayer and our financial resources.

All of us are encouraged to pray to God, through the intercession of St. Therese of Lisieux, the patron of missions, that our efforts will make it possible for the children in Kasama to have all that they need and deserve.

"I desire that all the faithful would allow themselves
to become involved and to bring their personal contribution
to the great movement of ‘missionary cooperation’ ".

Pope John Paul II